Sunday, August 8, 2010

Twiddling My Thumbs

A quick update: STILL in the two week wait. It seems like this is taking forever! (I don't know why I ever expect it to go quickly!) The weird part is that my husband and I both have the summer off since we are teachers so it seems as though the time is going even slower. I don't have work/my students to occupy my time and distract me so I am left at home for the most part just wondering if I am pregnant or not! It really isn't as bad as I am making it sound and trust me I do really appreciate my summers off...I am just ready for the end of this week in order to test.

I have had some different things going on with my body (which I will not be sharing because it just makes it too real to put it out there) I have a lot of hope that this is the cycle. It could very well be. It could also very well not be. It seems like forever ago that I had IUI#4 but it hasn't even been two weeks yet. I can do this....patience, Sara, patience.

I had a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. My sister sent me a card just telling me that she is thinking of me. It was such a thoughtful thing of her to do. I finally shared our IF secret with her when we were on our vacation up north Michigan. It just got to hard to carry my medicine around and not drink without feeling like I was continuously making up lies. After a while that starts to feel really crummy. So it felt good to tell her about it. She has been the only person we have told so far to do such a nice gesture of just sending a card. She gets an award in my book! :)

I feel I have been a neglectful blogger lately. I am just trying to keep my head above water right now trying not to overwhelm myself with thinking about all of this. Sometimes that means I have to step away from blogging for few days. That doesn't mean I don't care/think about all of you a lot!

Well, I am off to watch some Sunday Night Football! It is just a preseason game (or whatever you would call it) but I am still excited for some football! Let the season begin!


  1. I am working and still going crazy waiting. So hard....HUGS and lots of baby dust headed your way!

  2. That is so nice of your sister. It's helpful just to know someone is thinking of you and knows whats up. good luck with the rest of your 2ww.

  3. Baby Dust!! My 2WW is also taking FOREVER. 10dpo today.

  4. The 2ww is so hard - I hope this is the last one you have to endure for a LONG time!!! Signs are a good thing!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love getting new visitors and increasing my support group and supporting others!!

    Good luck to you, too! Sounds like there are a lot of us going through the 2ww right now. I am trying desperately to hit the Fast Forward button, but it seems to be jammed!

  6. I hope that your 2ww goes quickly...thinking of you and hoping for great results!