Thursday, August 12, 2010

A "School Mom" For Now

The beginning of the school year is almost here! As a teacher, I always get excited about this time of year. I must say as a kid, that was not always the case! The new school year brings on new joys, new challenges, and my most favorite thing: A brand new bunch of SMILING KIDS!!! (Well, I hope they will be smiling!)

I am so ready to have more structure in my life. In earlier posts, I have mentioned this summer being harder than most due to the fact that baby making weighs so heavily on my mind. When I am in my classroom and with my students it is like therapy for me. They (the students) are a great distraction. They are great reminders of the simple beauties in the world...I see it in their faces every single day. I can't wait to greet my fresh batch of 2nd graders at the door on the first day of school, which is September 7. I can't wait to have our first classroom meeting and get to know each and every one of my students. I can't wait for one of my students to call me "mom" on accident because it just reminds me of how much they depend on me. It motivates me to put aside my thoughts and worries about infertility while at school because these tender kids need to have my undivided attention.

My husband (who is also a teacher) and I both thought we would be pregnant going into this new school year. Somehow, we will find the balance between trying to get pregnant and work. We did it all of last school year and we will do it again. We are just further into the game now. We can do this. Bring on the kids! :)


  1. I am excited about the beginning of the school year too. I am a teacher. I have found that many of the blogs I follow are TTC/IF blogs and the writers just happen to be teachers.

  2. September 7th?? Consider me jealous. I start... oh yeah, tomorrow. Wow.... September 7th!

    And I second that summer makes time pass so slowly and makes the whole TTC process more difficult. Glad that we finally get to get into a schedule and have something else at the front of our minds!

  3. There are SOOO many teachers in this community. I don't think it's a coincidence. I used to teach, but at a science camp. I wanted to be able to transition. but it just hasn't happened. I'm a bit envious of the fact that you get to be around children all the time, but I also imagine that it's difficult at times, too.

  4. I work with kids too -- a career change for me. Sometimes I wonder if dealing with infertility would be easier if I was still in the corporate (marketing) world, but you're right, it's amazing what a therapeutic distraction kids in a classroom can be! Anyway, this made me feel better about what lies ahead.