Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Babies for Everyone & Crazy Dating

My husband and I went to Meijer the other night just to pick up a few things. While we were checking out I happened to check out all of the latest headlines on all of the "grab at the last minute" magazines. The one headline and front cover photo that happened to stick out to me the most was about the Duggar Family. It was a photo of the mom and dad and their new baby. The headline said something along the lines of how they are ready for another baby.


Now, I may not be the best person at math but if my calculations are correct they would have 2o children if they decided to have another one. This just blows my mind. I have seen that show and see how the older girls pretty much have to play mom with all of the younger kids. They must have like a baby making factory in their garage or something. Maybe I will write to them and ask for tips!

I personally don't agree with having that many children because they just use their older kids to take care of the little ones. If you can't be parents 24/7 to ALL of your kids then maybe you had too many. I just don't get it. How can someone be blessed with 19 children when all of us infertiles are struggling just to have one?

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On a funnier note...have any of you seen the t.v. show Dating in the Dark? Oh my gosh, hilarious. If you haven't seen it, the title pretty much sums it up....there are 3 girls and 3 guys that literally go into a room that is so dark they can't see their hand in front of them and go on dates. The point of the show is to figure out if love is blind. The thing that is interesting is that they get to choose to see one person for like 5 seconds. They then make their decision on whether or not to ask this person on a real life date and invite them to the porch. Some people get left on the porch alone and no one shows up. Other people have their chosen "mate" that then meets them at the porch. This really is the only part of the show that really bothers me because I guess I would just hate to be left on that porch! Yes, the show is shallow and silly, but it just reminds me of how truly blessed I am to have my husband. I didn't have to pay money or go on a television show to find him. I feel sorry for these people that do have to do it that way.

We may have to pay money to buy the meds and services of docs in order to get help making a baby but at least we have a bond that can't be broken. In my opinion, love conquers all. We at least have that going for us.


  1. I just watched the show last night for the first time - ridiuclousness, but funny at the same time. :)

    The Duggar thing is hard... I understand having religious beliefs, but saying that God doesn't want you to use birth control... wth?!!

  2. I saw the Duggar magazine. Pissed me the hell off! Ugh.

  3. I too saw that magazine and I pretty much had the same reaction. :-/

    Not, not fair!!

    Happy ICLW!

  4. What would be the most bizarre thing is that their oldest son just had a baby. So then the kid's aunt/uncle would be like two years younger than it. I know that's happened to other families, but I guess when you have 20 siblings it gets kind of ridiculous.