Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our little secret...

I know I have not shown my face around here in quite a while but this is going to be quite a simple and short post......

I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am actually 14 weeks and 3 days along. Our due date is March 7th.

We have heard the heartbeat and had our first ultrasound.....this is the most beautiful thing we have ever experienced. It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows but that doesn't matter at all.

We are here. We are trying to soak it all up. We certainly are beyond treatments, no meds, no doctors - just a complete surprise.

We are having fun trying to choose a name....we have a while until we can find out our baby's gender but we thought we would try to be ahead of the if anyone has suggestions throw them out there!

I just thought I would update for those of you who have been wondering.

What a miracle.....our hearts are happy.

What an adventure. We are beyond grateful for the gift we have been given.