Sunday, June 20, 2010

Humble reminder

I just read a post by Kelly from Little Looman Log ( She reminded me that even though I don't have a child yet, there are many things in my life that are great...

~ I have my faith. Even on the darkest days, I know I can turn to God and vent, cry, beg, plead, and say thanks and He will listen. Sometimes I do thank God for unanswered prayers. When we do have our child someday, I know it will all make sense.
~ I have a wonderful husband...he unconditionally loves me, listens when I need to vent and listens when I am laying on the couch not saying anything at all, and holds back his emotions to protect mine.
~ We both have jobs. I got laid off last August due to budget cuts in the school district I worked in. This past year I have been a long term substitute. Just last Wednesday, I got called back to my original district and know I have a job in the fall. Better yet, it is at the same school I worked at before being laid off so I will be with all of my teacher friends again.
~ We have a wonderful family. Even though we have only shared our IF journey with our parents recently, all the rest of our family members love us and support us without knowing it.
~ We have two beyond awesome dogs. I know they were sent to us to fill the void of not having children yet. They lick my face when tears are falling, they lay in my lap when I need a comforting snuggle, and they don't try to tell me that "It'll happen one day...just stop being stressed." They are just what I need on many days.
~ We have a house. I know many people are struggling to make ends meet to keep their house...we are fortunate to have ours.
~ We have friends that are great distractions from the IF life sometimes.
~ We have laughter, fear, happiness, frustrations, hope, etc. As my wise husband once told me when I was in a hysterical sob....Sara, God wouldn't have given us emotions if He didn't want us to feel anything. I have been "feeling" a lot lately, but am thankful for that.

The list could keep going. Tonight, I am just feeling thankful to Kelly for reminding me that there are a lot of things going right. I have a good life and will be patient while trying to make it better.

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  1. Awe, thanks for the mention. :) We are blessed and will only be adding to those blessings when we get our sweet little babes. I hope yours comes soon. HUGS