Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Circle of Trust Just Got Bigger

We have quite a small circle of people surrounding us in this journey. It has been our choice to keep our IF very private from family and friends. We feel it is safer that way. We feel it is easier that way (on some days.) Yesterday we had our first appointment with our new RE. After our appointment we decided he may DEFINITELY join our circle! We feel so confident with him just after an hour of talking to him.

We were so nervous going into this appointment. I didn't know what a new doctor would tell us after reviewing our history. The first thing he did after coming into the room was ask me to sit on the table to check my breathing/heart make a long history short - my heart skips beats when I am really nervous and I get palpitations - needless to say my heart was not being my friend sitting on that table. As his stethoscope was listening, I could feel my heart skipping about every 4 beats. I didn't know if I should interrupt him to tell him I am very aware that it is going on. I just sat there as still as I could so he could get a good listen. When he removed the stethoscope he said "What the hell was that?" Of course, my husband and I both started laughing and I explained the situation to him. He eased my nerves by saying that and let me know he is just a normal guy who just happens to know a lot about infertility. I was worried I would leave there and not feel satisfied. I was more than satisfied. Our new RE, whom I will call Dr. Jim, gave us a plan of attack. We now have an outline of what comes next if plans A, B, C, and D do not work. It is nice to know that I do not have to play the guessing game anymore. Dr. Jim was very confident in the fact that the problem is with ovulation.

This month we are doing just FSH shots - the purple pen I call it! If my follies look good we will be doing our 3rd IUI this round. Let's hope the #3 is the magic number!

I feel good. I feel satisfied. I feel hopeful. I feel we are stronger because we have a much stronger circle now that Dr. Jim is in it. He didn't give us false hope but did give us confidence in knowing we are in good hands. Some days it feels as though I can't keep going. Today is not one of those days. We can do this. :)

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