Monday, June 28, 2010

Belly Up to the Bar...

Usually I "Belly up to the bar" on a Friday or Saturday night filled with fun times with friends. I might ask for a beer or a shot of pineapple upside down cake or something fruity. Today, I bellied up to the bar that is loaded with shots of FSH. Today, was my first shot with the Follistim pen. Today, was the first time I had to give myself a shot right in the belly! I had to really suck up my fears today and just do it. We were out of town for a graduation party so I had to pack up the meds in a cooler and sneak off to the bathroom at the right time to give myself the shot. I was extremely nervous because it was my first time with this pen thing. I did all of the alcohol swabbing and then jabbed that sucker right into my stomach near my belly button. I DID IT!!! I think my husband was more proud of me than I was...he has had to give me all of my previous shots in the hip/rear. He might have been a little sad today that he didn't get to poke me with a needle!

I am filled with excitement because today starts the forward progress with this cycle. Now I just have to poke my stomach 4 more times this week and wait for my ovaries to get their acts together. My bloodwork and day 10 ultrasound are this Friday. After those results they will determine the day of IUI #3.



  1. Yay!!!
    I was so nervous before I jabbed myself the first time!!

    Hope those ovaries are doing as they are told! lol


  2. Hi Sara,
    Congratulations on your first self-administered shot! I have only given myself one (so far) and it wasn't too bad.
    Thanks for becoming a follower, I just did the same. I look forward to sharing the process together, hopefully we will both end up with BFP's soon:)

  3. Can't wait to follow this cycle!!!

  4. I am impressed. I usually have my hubby do it and I haven't injected out in public yet.