Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Wonderland

When I was a kid I remember my mom waking my sister and I up just to tell us it was a snow day and to go back to sleep. Since we would get too excited about this we never would be able to fall back asleep. I think as an adult and as a teacher I am worse about snow days than I was as a kid! So apparently there is this "HUGE, HISTORIC, MASSIVE, STATE OF EMERGENCY" blizzard type of thing heading our way in Michigan. Are any of you getting this storm too? Snow day???????? YES - YES - YES!!!!!

I just happened to be at a meeting all day at our district's administration building and we kept joking with our superintendent about having a snow day. She just kept telling us all day to make sure we have our phones turned up in the morning just in case. On our way out the door at the end of our meeting about 3:30 we interrupted her conversation on the phone and she told us it is officially a snow day tomorrow! Woo hoo!

You couldn't see me just then but I was jumping up and down in the middle of my living room! I don't even have to wear my pajamas inside out or say "Boom Boom for snow" before I fall asleep to make a snow day happen - it is here!
I can't wait for someday when Chad and I have kids and we all get to stay home and be cozy inside from the snow. I will wake them up just like my mom did and tell them to go back to sleep (only to hope that they will get out of bed too because they are just too excited!)

Well I am off to go make some snow angels in the backyard!


  1. W're getting some sort of ice mess. We had a "snow" day today (ice) and I'm hoping that we have one tomorrow, too.

    Enjoy making snow angels! That's my favorite!

  2. Lucky girl! There was only one day in my entire 13 years of school here that the schools were closed. It was -68°F and the problem wasn't so much the temp, as the ice fog. The school bus drivers were basically refusing to drive, it was so bad! So I really have no idea what a snow day feels like.

    That said, I don't envy all the storms that my friends in the midwest and northeast have been experiencing! Logistically speaking, sounds like a pain!

    I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Yay for snow days! We are getting dumped on, again and I love it!! Enjoy the day tomorrow :)

  4. We had phone calls starting early this morning with people who had watched the Today Show asking us if we were okay! Here in Oklahoma City we've had 50+ mph wind and drifts up to 8 ft. It's insane! DH's work has already been canceled tomorrow! I love it. Stay safe, Sara! :)

  5. We are in the ice zone. But I have been enjoying reading the Snow Day posts all over the place on FB today. LOL. Such glee!

  6. Yay for a snow day! I'm sort of jealous. I'm glad to not have to drive around in the snow, but I wish I could have stayed home in my jammies today :/

  7. Yea for snow days! I hope you had a great time!