Friday, May 14, 2010

Ovaries, Are You Out There?

Dear Ovaries,
I have a few questions and comments for you.....
1) Are you working?
2) What makes you think you can take breaks every so often?
3) Do you have to have little sharp pains shoot through you once in a while that give me false hope that there is some kind of baby making going on down there?
4) How much medicine does it take for you to produce good follicles/eggs?
5) Left side - Are you alive? Seriously, every ultrasound to check out the good ol' follies proves that you are a slacker. The right side is kicking your butt in the follicle department. Pick up the pace please. Maybe you are the side that will be the winner!
6) Are there any eggs in those follicles of yours?
7) What medicine would you like to try next because obviously Clomid, FSH shots, and HCG triggers just aren't doing it for you.
8) Can you and my fallopian tube friends stop fighting? Just get along already and pass something through there.

Okay, I guess that is it for now. Just because I am done here doesn't mean I am letting you off the hook.

P.S. I love you. :)

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